I’ve been deeply moved by the support I’ve received from countless people around the globe who have recommended Ben’s story and I know that Ben is grateful too. I hope that in time I can find a way to repay you, yet suspect that by bringing you Ben’s message, I may already have made a down payment.


In the meantime, if you have any questions then please drop us a line through this site. I can’t promise a swift response, especially if we receive a large amount of mail, or that we will disclose information that is too sensitive but you will receive a response.

I would also like to express my appreciation to all those who have put up with my working locked away ever since Ben first appeared and for their support. In addition a big thank you to Craig Taylor, who, on behalf of the Writers' Workshop, pointed me in the right direction with regard to portraying Ben’s story in an acceptable light.


The book cover was prepared by an exceptionally talented artist from Coventry; Roy Meats – check out his work at www.roymeatsart.co.uk who worked on an original idea from Ally McInnes of Simplistic Designs www.simplisticdesigns.co.uk and special thanks go to Barry the Webmaster who prepared the website and provided all manner of technical support with regard to that and the use of social media; check him out at www.barrywright.co.uk.