Why have I chosen to publish via Amazon for Kindle?

I have a distrust of publishers’ instincts. Anyone can see the sense in publishing work from an established proven author but the advent of e-publishing has seen the emergence of countless books which have found a willing audience, yet which the traditional publishers have either turned down or overlooked. If they really did have their fingers on the pulse, why is it that they couldn’t detect the potential of these successes? I’m sure you can work out the answer but because of that, I really do not relish the idea of spending countless hours and years trying to convince them. I think that the public at large is the best judge of what it likes. Having said that, if there is a call for hard back in the future, then I may consider their services.

But I don’t own a Kindle

If you go to the Amazon website, you will be able to download free software to enable you to use all manner of other devices for reading Kindle books, such as, both Windows and Mac PCs, smart phones, tablets and the like.

Investing in the book

It is £3.77 in the UK ($5.77 in the USA and elsewhere it varies) and can be purchased using the following link Amazon - The Truth.

If you do not already have an account with Amazon please allow just a few minutes to complete this part of the process as well.


It would be most helpful if having read The Truth ?, you would leave a brief review on the Amazon website. This will assist other potential purchasers and may help to promote Ben's message too.